Until picking season begins

Opening day for blueberry picking is set for June 29, 2019 at 9:00 in the morning.

Our focus now at Floral Acres is our U-Pick blueberry operation. We currently charge $2.00/pint.

Because we have so many bushes, with lots of different varieties, the season for picking lasts from opening day 'til sometime in August, depending on how cold the Spring was, and whether we received a late frost or not.

We sell most of the blueberry varieties that are listed below in lots of 100 plants per order - multiple varieties can make up the 100 plant count. We have planted so many varieties in the ground (this way the season can be extended) we no longer remember what they are, nor where they are planted.

We furnish buckets for picking, and ice water - but you might want to bring your own straw hat for those hot summer days.

Blue Ray
1. Highbush type cultivar
2. Height at maturity is 4-6 feet and upright in growth.
3. Yield is consistent, ranging from 10-20 pounds per plant at maturity depending upon cultural care.
4. Fruit size is large with 60 berries per cup.
5. Berry quality is firm, picking scar is small and color is bright blue.
6. Ornamental value for the bush is excellent. Dark green color in the summer and burgundy red in the fall.
7. Middle season.

Blue Gold
1. Highbush cultivar
2. Height of bush will vary 4-5 feet. Growth will be compact and low growing, producing many branches. To encourage upright growth, prune heavily.
3. yields are consistently high, 12 pounds average, in commercial plantings.
4. Blue Gold is the easiest cultivar for hand harvesting. The fruits ripen uniformly and clusters are large.
5. Quality of the fruit is excellent. Small dry picking scar, attractive color. Good flavor and firm fruit makes Blue Gold an outstanding new mid-late season cultivar.
6. The cultivar seems to adapt to most soils and cold to moderate climates.
7. Beginning season.

1. Highbush type cultivar
2. Height is 4-6 feet at maturity and is more upright.
3. Yields average 5-8 pounds per bush.
4. Fruit size is large, 65 berries per cup.
5. Quality of berries firm with little to no picking scar. Good flavor; a tart, aromatic taste.
6. Ornamental use of Coville is okay, its upright growth is similar to most upright growing cultivars. Fall color is yellow-orange.

1. Highbush cultivar
2. Height is 6 feet at maturity. The bush is upright and slightly spreading.
3. Yield is high and dependable in moderate climates. In harsher climates production can be inconsistent.
4. Fruit size is very large, 50 berries per cup.
5. Quality of the fruits is fair, and fruits are medium blue in color. The cultivar is prized for its excellent flavor.
6. Berry clusters are loose and easy to harvest.
7. Marketing is mainly for the fresh market because of its superior flavor.

1. Highbush cultivar
2. Height is 5-7 feet, upright and slightly spreading
3. Yields are consistently high, 10-20 pounds per bush at maturity.
4. Fruit size is small to medium averaging 75 berries per cup.
5. Quality of the berry is very firm and has no picking scar. The berry is light blue and has a good, mild flavor when fully ripe. The flavor is very tart until 60% of the berries are ripe.
6. The berries ripen simultaneously so that 70-80 percent of the berries can be picked at one time.
7. Ornamental use is very good because of its upright growth habit, bluish-green leaf color and late blooming flowers. Fall color is orange-red and long lasting.
8. Late season

1. Highbush type cultivar
2. Height is 5-7 feet. The bush is upright and spreading.
3. Yields average 7-10 pounds per bush.
4. Fruit size is small-medium with 110 berries per cup, borne on long and loose clusters. Flavor is considered the best by most blueberry connoisseurs.
5. Quality of berry is good but has a small picking scar.
6. It is the #1 processed blueberry.
7. Ornamental use is good; the bush is large and upright. Foliage in the fall is yellow-orange and is long lasting.
8. Mid-late season.

1. Highbush type cultivar
2. Height of bush is 5-6 feet tall at maturity.
3. Yield averages 13-18 pounds per plant.
4. Fruit size is large, 60 berries per cup
5. Quality of the fruit is very good. Berries are firm. Picking scars are small and berry color is a dark blue.
6. The clusters are loose so ripe fruit will separate easily from the stems.
7. Middle season.

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